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Bible Christian


Bible Christians

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Holy Bible Scriptures

A Famine In The Land
A Prophet Like Unto Moses
Abraham's Seed 400 Years Of Slavery
Anger Management or The Lake Of Fire
Are You Saved Now
Black History According To The Bible
Blessed and Highly Favored By God or Satan
Dry Bones In The Valley
Easter, An Unholy Custom
Faith Comes By Hearing
False Prophets and Their Seducing Spirits
From Knowledge and Fear to Obedience
God's Chosen Priest and Preachers, Neither a Woman
God's Dietary Law
God's Doctrine vs. Satan's Doctrine
God's Prophecies From The Beginning to the End
Heirs Of The Promise Land
Homosexuality, An Ungodly Lifestyle
How A Servant of God Should Be Clothed
I Am Somebody; I Am Israel and Can Prove It
Israel and The Stranger
Israel The Captive
Israel, The Priest Of God
Jesus A Man Of War, Holy and Spiritual
Jesus out of the Scriptures 
Jesus, The Unknown God  
Loving Thy Neighbor
Man Created To Become God
Psalms, The Book Of Jesus
Repentance To Conversion
Roots Of The Black Hebrew Israelites
Satan A Weapon Of God
Satan's Changing Of Times and Laws  Part  1
Satan's Changing Of Times and Laws  Part  2
Sin, Mercy and Judgment
The Antichrist and His Followers
The Blessing of Abraham and His Seed Are Not Riches
The Circumcision
The Color Of The Children Of Israel
The Cup Of The Lord, can you drink of it
The Day Of Atonement
The Dead Where Are They
The Dietary Law  
The Doctrine Of Prosperity, A False Doctrine
The Doctrine That Paul Taught
The Fear Of The Lord
The Feast of Pentecost
The Gift Of Healing
The Hour Of Temptation
The Husband, The Head Of The Household By Rigtheousness or Sin
The Lake Of Fire
The Language We Speak And Why
The Law and The Testimony
The Law Of Loving Thy Neighbor
The Law Of The Clean and Unclean
The Laws Of Love
The Lion of Judah
The Mystery Of The Kingdom Of God In Parables
The Parable Of The Sower Of Seeds
The Parable Of The Vineyard
The Sabbath Day, A Day Of Rest 
The Seven Promises Of God
The Songs Of Solomon 
The Soul Is The Physical Body Not Inside The Body
The Spirit That Fills You Up
The Suffering of Christ as Told By The Prophets
The Ten Commandments
The Three Seeds Of Noah
The Truth About Speaking In Tongues
The Wilderness The Place Of Safety
The Wine Of Sin
Thoughts For Your Mind
Thy Kingdom Come To Earth As Told By The Prophets
Tithes and Offerings
Understanding The Covenants In Galatians Chapter 3
Water Baptism Why  Is It Necessary
What Makes You Sancitified and Holy


 DVD covers will either be in plastic or paper covers.

 Shipping costs for the first item is $2.10. Shipping costs for each additional Bible Study will be $.25 each (US only). Select from any Biblical topic above.